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Jan 29, 2013 11:30am PST
vice chair scott wiener to serve another term as vice chair of the transportation authority. there is no other person on our body who has committed so much time and effort to transportation and transit in the past couple of years as commissioner wiener has; the voice he has a multiple levels weather here, or on the county board of supervisors, all the people involved in building the transportation infrastructure he is key. i want to make sure she continues to have a strong voice on that body; of the forward to working with you, i want to make sure you know for me that i support you. as vice chair i look forward if you're elected to collaborating with you and getting your input on the decisions of this body. >> seconded by commissioner campos. are there any other nominations? seeing none -- we had public comment on the actual chair. let's open it up on the vice chair position, any member of the public like to comment. >> as you all know, this is a transit first city. i'm getting mixed signals from some of you all, when you really don't want to focus on our senior populati
Jan 28, 2013 10:00pm PST
name is -- scott wiener and mike farrell do not represent homeowners. that's a smokescreen. they represent big developers. they promise a lifetime lease but the city attorney has admitted there are no funds allocated to enforce the lifetime lease. obviously they have no intentions to enforce it. scott wiener and mark farrell are not representing homeowners but looking to sell our city to the highest bidder. people often don't realize that civil liberties such as freedom of self-expression are connected to people's rights of housing. look at the bush administration. he was in the business of selling america to the highest bidder. we are experiencing similar in san francisco. is it any wonders who the san francisco who -- the nudity ban, the same supervise is now destroying rent control and selling san francisco. scott wiener, mark farrell are betraying the people of san francisco. they're slick republicans dressed up as democrats. we're witnessing a corporate takeover of san francisco politics. body freedom is our birth right and no one has the right to take it away, so is e
Jan 11, 2013 4:00am PST
so glad to be joined not only by senator leno and assembly man amaino and david chiu and scott wiener as well. they all want to get in on this great celebration because it's wonderful for our city. i have often said our city and our strength is our international status and we do that with all the sister cities, with all of the flag raisings, but this is kind of new. what i said to our counsel general it's special because it's kind of bringing forth the things that we have done and the things that we enjoy doing and placing it into a recognized celebration that goes for a long time, so i am proud to launch this here in san francisco, and if i may to not only let you know that it's a great honor to have the italian ambassador here in the united states. it's a great honor for it to be proclaimed italian culture day in san francisco. if i may present this to the counsel general. [applause] >> thank you and one more word of italian that i could do is gracia because i do have a mazatti waiting for me. >> it's right out in front. >> i won't ruin your language but we're proud here to be h
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
of any major city in the country. i want to thank my colleague scott wiener for helping to showcase the importance of the other nine to five economy. the impact of all that you do has an impact on our job situation and local economy, and to highlight all of the great work that we can do together to ensure that the sectors that you all represent, the sectors that you work for, that you employ people for connaught is one of the greatest sectors in san francisco. i hope we will take the opportunity of the america's cup to showcase our clubs, our restaurants, our nightlife events. as someone who represents the broadaway neighborhood, an area of town that i used to spend a lot of time in when i was in my 20's -- but actually, very few locals take the time to head to the beach on broadway. our neighborhoods are coming together to say that broadway is open to the rest of the world as well as san francisco. i want to put san francisco back on the map when it comes to music. to make sure that we have the type of entertainment that we used to be renowned for. and those of you that work in our
Jan 18, 2013 4:30am PST
of the community and also supervisor scott wiener. we felt we did due diligence. we mailed all property owners and tenants in the district notification about the online questionnaire. the supervisor scott wiener also sent out an email to everyone that contacted his office about it and encouraged them to contact the neighbors. i sent out emails to anyone that attended any event and provided a link to the online questionnaire. we checked to see if there were return mailings and i didn't see any. we do make copies of all the mailing labels and i did check to make sure we sent these out and i count account for why some people missed or i can't -- >> it's like a lot of people don't vote. you can't make people respond, and the final question is does this trigger any necessarily required improvements to any of the properties that are there now? >> no. it does not. >> okay. they would however could take advantage of the mills act if they wanted to take it off and restore the wood they would get the mills credit for that. >> correct. and should add the shipts in the mills act contract can apply
Jan 14, 2013 1:00pm PST
for the chance, when board president chiu and scott wiener have their kids and when they come to north beach branch library, they will remember this day, when they bring their kids up to the front and say mayor lee and luis herrera and everybody worked together to get this done. and, by the way, more is to come when we all work together. because today is about a confirmation, the biggest thanks goes to the parents and residents of north beach. ten years it took us to get to this place. a lot of ups and downs and winding and turning. [ applause ] and if it wasn't for people like julie and others, who i met years ago and we looked each other in the eye when i was at dpw and we said we're going to get this done and make it even a better libraries, because libraries are centers for our communities. they are seismically safe. they are going to have the most modern equipment for our kids to grow up and promise all of the things that we promised for them to do to become even better residents. the things that keeps me going and everybody else goes in collaboration, we're doing it for you. it's not
Jan 17, 2013 3:30pm PST
. at the urging of the community supervisor scott wiener led an effort to amend the mills act program to increase access to financial incentives. these amendments which go into effect in october make the process quicker, cheaper, and more predictable. also the request of property owners and supervisor scott wiener the department created an on-line questionnaire to so solt feedback. the questionnaire was available if three weeks in november and produced a total of 38 valid household responses. the vast majority of responses were provided by property owners. property owners submitted the proposed designation by more than 2-1 ratio. 65% of property owners support the designation and 29% opposed. recent amendments has support. over 30% of property owners within the district participated and break down of responses is provided in your case report. on december 5, 2012 the historic preservation commission initiatived designation and on december 19, that commission voted to recommend designation to the board of supervisors. the department has determined that the proposed landmark district designation app
Jan 17, 2013 4:30pm PST
with supervisors got scott wiener. he started his first term this january. we are going to get to know him and talk about the issues facing the city. welcome. thank you for joining us today. tell us about your background, where you grew up, went to school, and what kind of jobs to have had. >> i grew up in the philadelphia area, in new jersey. i went to school up and down the east coast. i went to undergrad at duke university. i went to law school at harvard. after clerking for a judge, i came out here in 1997. i have been here for the last 14 years. i have always lived in the castro. i am an attorney. i started out in private practice. i settle private law firm during complex commercial litigation. in 2002, and moved over to the sentences the city attorney's office where i worked on the trial team doing trials for the city, handling my own cases, and supervising a team of attorneys as well. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? >> i always assumed i would go back to the philadelphia area since that is where my family is. i was always interested in san francisco in terms of what it is as
Jan 28, 2013 1:30pm PST
and economic development committee. i am scott wienerrings the chairman of the committee. to my right is supervisor jane kim, the committee vice chair. to my left is david chiu, the president of the board of supervisors, who is a member of the committee. also joining us is supervisor mark farrell. i want to thank those at sfgtv for broadcasting our hearing and our clerk is ms. miller. are there any announcements? >> alisa miller: please make sure to silence cell phones and electronic devices. items acted upon will appear ol board of supervisors agenda unlesunless otherwise stated. item 1, an ordinance amending a subdivision code, applicable to buildings that qualify for but was not selected or participated in the 2012 condo conversion lottery. >> chair wiener: before i turn it over to supervisor farrell, who is the lead author, i want to note since we have quite a few people here today, i have quite a few public comment cards. if you are interested in making public comment and have not done so, please fill out one of these cards and you can leave it in the tray over there. we do have
Jan 2, 2013 8:00am PST
presidents at the board of supervisors. i am here honored to be supporting our board and my colleague scott wiener and representing the oldest italian neighborhood here on the west coast and i know you have heard from leno and amaino i want you to know my italian friends introduce me as david chiu o. 20 years ago like every elected that didn't grow up in san francisco and i know we are all from different areas i came here 20 years ago from the east coast and in part i was fascinated by chinatown and it's next to the old italian neighborhood of north beach and in the great cities like boston et cetera and when i walked around that neighborhood it was the neighborhood that drew me to the great city whether being reminded of great baseball players, the joe migage i don't play ground. >> >> or the fisherman or the piazza that i look forward to work with angela to lobby the mayor to adequately fund it. there are special quarters that come from the community that are represented tonight and i am happy to come and raise a glass to all of you and look forward to cel celebrating the italian. >> am
Jan 7, 2013 1:30pm PST
twin peaks tavern as 401 castro street as a land mark. >> sponsor scott wiener. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. today before us is an ordinance to landmark the twin peaks tavern at 401 castro street right at the corner of castro and market. twin peaks is truly one of the gems of the castro and of the san francisco lgbt community and has been since it opened 40 years ago in 1972. and perhaps most unique about twin peaks is that it was the very first gay bar with large visible windows so that anyone walking by would see who was inside. until then and in a lot of areas of the world we still have this, you have gay bars with windows that are hidden so people can sneak in because they are not comfortable or even safe doing so. so twin peaks was a trail blazer in that respect. the bar symbolizes the lgbt community's coming out in san francisco, that our community would no longer be in the shadows and we see since then the great strides we have made as an lgbt community and around the world. i will say on a personal note i recall the very first time i came to the castro, which was i
Jan 8, 2013 12:30pm PST
. >> >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is [indiscernible]. scott wiener needs to be recalled; he is a puppet and a shadow government. he called for a resource purposely so that it would never show that. david chiu needs to be brought to justice. think about the future. ask yourselves, what kind of the future would like for yourselves, for your children, for your grandchildren? do you want our city implanted to turn into corporate hell? a world pollution, exploitation, tyranny, misery? every time you use your power to advance the corporate agenda you bring the world closer and closer to the dark future. if instead you wish to live in a healthy environment where human dignity is respected, a whirl of cooperation, sharing, celebration, user power accordingly. do you think such a world is impossible? impossible only for those who have given up their power and free will. i encourage you to remember that your valuable and that you matter. when you cast your vote today, boat from the heart, not fear. vote for progressive supervisor. you have the courage t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 95 (some duplicates have been removed)